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Join us in the forefront of Transactional Internet of Things TIoT innovation with SEALCOINS, a cutting-edge Machine-to-Machine (M2M) token , available on the Hedera network.
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Transforming IoT with SEALCOIN:

SEALCOIN is engineered for IoT structures, allowing devices from various companies to autonomously interact and access a range of services.

This transcends traditional currency exchange, creating a complex network for IoT-enabled transactions and services.

For Individual Traders and IoT Devices:

While individuals can engage with SEALCOIN like any other cryptocurrency, its core value lies in revolutionizing economic operations among IoT devices.

SEALCOIN marks a key milestone in M2M payments, reshaping how digital transactions are conducted within the IoT world.


SEALCOIN is an innovative cryptotoken tailored for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication. Its use cases could be quite diverse and impactful in various sectors. Here are some potential applications:

Smart Home Automation

SEALCOIN could facilitate transactions between smart home devices, enabling seamless payment for services like energy consumption, maintenance, or subscriptionbased features without human intervention.

Supply Chain Management

In logistics, SEALCOIN can be used for automated transactions and data exchanges between sensors, trackers, and management systems, improving efficiency and transparency in supply chains.

Autonomous Vehicles

For self-driving cars and drones, SEALCOIN could manage microtransactions for tolls, parking fees, or charging stations, as well as data exchange with traffic management systems.

Smart Cities

In urban environments, SEALCOIN could enable M2M transactions for services like public transportation, environmental monitoring, and resource management, improving city operations and sustainability.

Healthcare Devices

In healthcare, wearable and implantable devices could use SEALCOIN for secure data transfer and automated payments for diagnostic or monitoring services.

Energy Trading

In renewable energy networks, devices like solar panels and batteries could autonomously trade excess energy using SEALCOIN, optimizing resource distribution.

Industrial IoT

For industrial applications, SEALCOIN could streamline operations by automating transactions between machines, sensors, and systems, reducing operational costs and improving efficiency.

Retail and Consumer Services

In retail, smart vending machines or automated stores could use SEALCOIN for frictionless payments and inventory management.

Agricultural Technology

In agriculture, IoT devices like soil sensors and automated irrigation systems could use SEALCOIN for data exchange and service payments, enhancing farm management

Developed by SEALSQ

A leader compagny in Semiconductors, PKI, and Post-Quantum technology, SEALCOIN is more than just a digital token. It's an advanced cryptocurrency protocol designed to power the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) economy. This ecosystem connects billions of internet-driven devices, enabling them not only to exchange data but also currency seamlessly.

Hedera Network

Hedera represents a paradigm shift in the decentralized economy. It's renowned for its ultra-low transaction fees, high-speed network, scalability, and real-time settlement capabilities.

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